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Originally from Argentina and currently based in Barcelona, ​​Alejo Palacios was trained professionally as an Industrial Designer; although recently, circumstances of his context coupled with a curiosity to explore new processes, led him to discover a new facet as a filmmaker and conceive a pure and stripped work.

Initial curiosity and inspiration arose within of the family bosom. He grew up watching his mother painting and accompanying her to exhibitions and galleries of art. And the visits to Grandpa Enrique's house were the delight of his eyes, watching him work the wood with the dedication and affection that only a hobby can give.


Later, the formal study provided the basis for their knowledge; But it was his work experience in a furniture factory that years later marked the horizon in his path. There he learned the trade of carpenters, blacksmiths and saddlers with whom he worked at the same time. And he let himself be enchanted by the process and the value of artisan work and what hands are capable of making with such care and dedication. The use of noble and natural materials and the ability to create with few resources became a significant part of his creative development.


His works catch those who contemplate him. He began his search by exploring on paper and India ink. This simplicity and austerity of the elements with which he works can only endow his work with absolute strength and honesty.


A wealth of textures and organic shapes make their way as they interact with the paper. Generating through painting different materialities: from wood, metal and even fabrics. A work with a clear intention: "To speak of pure and simple ideas through materials" and that is where the beauty of her work lies, because despite its simplicity it manages to be solid and endowed with personality. It is the craftsmanship of his work that moves us, that returns us to our origins, to what we really are.


"Traditional processes have such a clear and beautiful message that you just have to work with simple ideas to make them stand out."

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